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Emergency-Heating-and-AirconditioningCode Mechanical offers gas and oil furnaces that possess a variety of features and capabilities, including advanced energy efficiency. These systems are designed to deliver reliable and affordable heat, and can significantly lower utility bills.See our Coleman Products page for more info...


For homes with radiator or baseboard heat, Code Mechanical can install a state of the art, high efficiency boiler that integrates with your home system to form an ideal central heating source. These gas- and oil-fired units circulate warm water or steam through a network of pipes, and can decrease the amount of your fuel bill.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a single system that operates as both an air conditioner and a heater. These all-season units provide comfort and efficiency through the entire year, keeping your home cool during the summer and warm during the winter.






Code-Mechanical-Services-2Code Mechanical is one of the industry's leading contractors for central air conditioning. By offering high efficiency equipment that enables your system to run at lower power levels, central air can effectively cool a home while also minimizing energy costs and noise levels.

High Velocity

Code Mechanical is a recognized leader and pioneer in the installation of high velocity air conditioning. These systems, designed for older homes with radiators or baseboards, deliver cool air through 2" flexible tubing that prevents architectural disruption and the need to remodel. The high velocity air conditioning unit takes up less space than a traditional unit, and can be adapted to any home design. Finally, no one in the industry has more experience designing and installing high velocity systems.


For rooms that do not receive enough air conditioning, this system is becoming a popular alternative to window units. The ductless system uses a discrete wall or ceiling mounted air-handler unit connected through the wall to a slim outdoor condensing unit, allowing a surplus of cool air to circulate the room.






Air purifiers

In addition to the temperature in your home, Code Mechanical is also concerned with the quality of air that you breathe. From germicidal lamps and electronic air cleaners to whole-house air purification systems, we offer the optimal air quality solutions for your home. Our most powerful products, known as High-Efficiency Particulate Air Catalytic Air Purifiers - The Ultimate Bad Air Terminator. Hybrid Killing Power for Maximum Mold and Germ Reduction. See more on on Sun-Pure Products


Establishing balanced, consistent humidity levels is another way to maintain a healthy, comfortable environment in your home. Code Mechanical's whole house humidifiers are designed to add moisture and reduce static electricity to every room in the house during the dry winter months.