Furnaces-Puyallup-WAImproperly working furnaces may cause your home or business to feel uncomfortable and your heating costs to rise. Code Mechanical, Inc. will repair the problems with your furnaces, including thermostats, clogged filters, pilot lights and other problems with your furnaces. Our services are available for residential and commercial furnaces.

  • Furnace Repair and Maintenance
  • Furnace Replacement and Installation
  • Pilot Lights, Igniters, Filters and Fans
  • Residential and Commercial Furnaces
  • Improves Heating and Comfort Levels
  • Electric, Oil, Gas and Propane Furnaces

Electric Furnaces

Electric-Furnace-Puyallup-WAA properly functioning electric furnace will keep your home comfortable and your heating costs down.Code Mechanical, Inc. will replace, install or upgrade your electric furnace and and ensure your furnace is operating efficiently. Control your heating bills with our electrical furnace service.

  • Repair for Switches, Breakers and Filters
  • Repair, Replacement, Installation and Upgrades
  • Commercial Electric Furnaces
  • Residential Furnaces
  • Checks for Thermostat Settings
  • Restore Proper Heating Distribution

Oil Furnaces

Oil furnaces provide efficient and reliable heat. Code Mechanical, Inc. offers repairs and other services for oil furnaces. We provide services are available for older and newer oil furnaces.

  • Oil Furnace Repair and Maintenance
  • Installation and Upgrades
  • Unblock Fuel Lines
  • Residential Oil Furnaces
  • Commercial Furnaces

Propane and Gas Furnaces


Propane and gas furnaces are an efficient heating source.Code Mechanical, Inc. offers a wide range of service and maintenance for your propane or gas furnace. Maintain the comfort of your home or business with our propane and gas furnaces service.

  • Propane and Gas Furnace Repair
  • Replacement, Installation and Upgrades
  • Repair for Pilot Lights, Valves and Thermostats
  • Repair for Burners, Air Filters and Fuses
  • Residential Propane and Gas Furnaces
  • Commercial Propane and Gas Furnaces

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