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Stay Cool and Save Big with Our $119 Home A/C Tune-Up Special!

Don’t let a minor issue turn into a costly breakdown. Take advantage of our limited-time offer and get a professional A/C tune-up for just $119—that’s a 40% savings! Our experienced and licensed technicians will visit your home to perform a comprehensive tune-up, ensuring your system runs smoothly and efficiently all season long.

What's Included?

Comprehensive Service: Our expert technician will:

  • Perform overall system check.
  • Clean the outdoor coil to enhance performance during hot weather.
  • Check current refrigerant levels and advise.
  • Examine and improve your air filter to maintain optimal air quality.

Expert Service: Our highly trained technician will:

– Clean your outdoor coil to ensure optimal performance during the hottest days.

– Check and adjust refrigerant levels to keep your system running efficiently.

– Inspect your air filter to ensure optimal air quality.

Cleaning the outdoor coil is essential because it releases heat from the air while the refrigerant condenses again.

Debris in your condenser unit can make it difficult for it to release heat, reducing the efficiency and performance of your A/C system.

Especially in Western Washington’s mild summers, maintaining optimal performance is crucial to stay comfortable.

A dirty A/C coil can lead to:

– Higher energy bills

– Inefficient cooling performance

– Clogs in your drain line

– Frozen coils

– Increased A/C problems

When dirt, dust, and other debris gather on your indoor A/C coil, it makes it difficult for your system to cool air appropriately. This causes your system to run longer or turn on more frequently, significantly boosting your utility costs. Keeping your system clean helps manage energy costs, which is important for Western Washington residents looking to save on utilities.

A dirty A/C coil decreases your unit’s performance by making it harder to cool air efficiently. This can lead to higher indoor temperatures, mold growth, and poor airflow, which can contribute to respiratory issues and prevent proper air filtration.

In Western Washington, where clean air is vital, maintaining your A/C system is essential for healthy living.

Neglecting to clean a dirty A/C coil can lead to increased repair costs, reduced system longevity, and in extreme cases, the need for a complete system replacement. Your unit will work harder, causing other parts to wear out more quickly. This can be particularly inconvenient during Western Washington’s peak summer days.

Filthy evaporator coils struggle to cool hot air, causing condensation to freeze on the coil. As ice builds up, the unit eventually stops absorbing heat altogether, which can cause the system to break down from overheating.

Prevent this issue with regular maintenance to ensure your Western Washington home stays cool and comfortable.

Yes, as condensation builds up inside the indoor unit with nowhere to go, it can clog the drain line, resulting in leaks and water damage.

Regular maintenance helps prevent this issue, ensuring your A/C system runs smoothly and your Western Washington home remains safe from water damage.

While it is possible to clean a dirty A/C coil yourself, HVAC professionals have specialized training and advanced equipment that make the process fast and effective.

Professional cleaning ensures satisfying results and prolongs the life of your A/C unit, giving you peace of mind during Western Washington’s warm months.

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